LeRoy: “I like coming to The Determination Center because it’s a place where you can get your work done and spend time with people you love.”

Jasmine: "I've known Mrs. Graham for 7 years…she helps you get off the you something to do...keeps you out of trouble.”

Aaliyah: “Mrs. Graham is sweet, nice--she's the kindest person…lovable...Mrs. Graham is always happy when we come here.”

Troy: "I have been coming to the Determination Center for three years.  I learn things here. I get to play basketball, football, and baseball."

Andrea: “I have been coming to The Determination Center for four years. I do my homework here and get to see my friends. I love the field trips in the summer.”

Nydia: “I like interacting with all the kids and also other people my age. My favorite thing about The Determination Center? When we went camping last summer."

Janissa: “I like doing all the activities. Mrs. Graham is so nice. She’s funny! I love her!”